Custom Design: Keith & Laura

There's something really special about creating a one of a kind piece for such an important moment in someone's life. Whether it's a non traditional design that's incredibly unique, or something classic with a personal twist, making your ring your own can be a powerful symbol - and an incredible experience. One of the things I love about custom design is that every ring (or piece) tells a story.
Keith knew he wanted something special, something different. Black diamond: definitely. Metal color: rose gold. Design: simple but different. Not too fussy, but enough detail to make it stand out. I sourced a phenomenal black diamond in a kite cut shape - the geometry of this cut is striking! A little art deco, but definitely updated. I like a black diamond that isn't completely opaque - seeing the inclusions twining through the transparent areas of the stone give it depth, and character. This diamond had that depth in spades (or, in diamonds...?).
Rose gold softened the look of the ring overall, making the black even richer. Round prongs would look out of place on such an angular stone, so we used claw prongs, that taper to a point like the diamond itself. The split double band stabilizes such a large stone, while adding more diagonal lines to make a cohesive art-deco inspired piece. And then, we just couldn't help but add some sparkly accents, in the way of two delicate diamond chevrons.
You can tell that two people are meant to be when a complete surprise like this ring gets all the details just right. Keith and I designed this ring in complete secrecy - Laura had no idea what the diamond looked like, what the band would be like, what color it would be, etc. And yet, it was perfect! Something incredibly unique to be a strong symbol of the connection they share, that Laura can wear every day to shout it to the world!

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