Permanent Bracelets

Lumos Permanent Bracelets

Our permanent Lumos bracelets are custom-fit to your wrist and welded in place to create a just-for-you bracelet with no clasp to fumble with. We offer 4 chain styles which are available in yellow, white and rose gold. Because the chains are solid 14k gold, they won’t rust or tarnish, making it the perfect everyday accoutrement to shine a light on a special moment, accomplishment, friendship, or just your awesome self!
Lumos are safe for air travel and most medical procedures, but if you do ever have to remove it, it can be easily snipped off with a pair of scissors or nail snips. Zapping it back on is a snap!


No appointment needed!

Stop in during our retail hours Wednesday - Saturday from 11-6 to join the Lumos club and get your own permanent bracelet!